Why Spas and Salons Should Make Use of Water Fountains

If you own, manage or work in a spa or salon and you feel as though there is something missing with your decor, water fountains may be your answer. Contrary to popular belief, these are actually pieces of decor that everyone can afford. Sure, there are still wall water fountains that can be pricey however, there are plenty of budget-friendly options as well.In today’s world, water fountains are one of the first things visualized when people think of a luxury spa. Just the thought of listening to that soothing, running water in the background instantly transports you to some hideaway, sheltered by the rainforest canopy.Surely, you have walked into an establishment and been swept away by wall water fountains in the waiting area or the private room? Well, even if you are just opening a new salon or spa and the budget is tight, you can find inexpensive models that will make your facility look rich and glamorous while creating a peaceful atmosphere.Why You Need ThemAside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, there are other reasons why you want to add water features to your establishment. The calming effect that these pieces of decor offer allow your clients to immediately feel as ease. Even if it’s their first time there and they feel a bit intimidated, water fountains will relax them so their anxiety levels decrease and they are able to fully enjoy their experience.Not only that, they politely drown out unwelcome noise. You may not notice how obnoxious phones ringing, conversations, hair dryers, etc., can really be, especially to someone who is looking for a brief quiet escape from their busy life.Which One Should You Choose?Water features are like potato chips, it is extremely hard to have only one! Even if you start with one, you will find that they are contagious and you will want to quickly add additional ones to your collection.Wall water fountains are perfect for entryways, waiting rooms, long hallways or any other rooms where you have a lot of wall space. Floor fountains can also be nice as long as they are out of the way. These are ideal in corners, private rooms or changing rooms where there’s not heavy traffic.Of course, tabletop fountains can be placed pretty much anywhere. Tables, counters or shelving, anywhere you need a little tranquility, a fountain can make it happen.

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